Tape Ghost is my opportunity to explore the relationship between new technology and music.

I’m a graduate of the Masters of the Arts program at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, alma mater of notable composers John Chowning, Robert Rich, Holly Herndon, and Chris Chafe. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with an Honors in Interdisciplinary Arts for a performance and thesis examining the relationship between technology and improvisation. My composition work often focuses on the explorations of the potential of a pattern or the sonic power of ambient drones and slowly evolving textures. In contrast, my performance style focuses on translating human motion and energy into electronic music.

TAPE comes from the physical medium of recorded audio and GHOST represents the idea of a spiritual residual.
The alias is derived from my desire to explore the way in which humans anthropomorphize the material created by an artist in their lifetime. Not only does their art have a life of its own within the viewers experience, but it simultaneously becomes the representation and living memory of that artist. It is about the struggle between the non-representational and the representational in art, the way in which our experience can be boiled down entirely to perception, and that our perception of our own life can be drastically altered by the right soundtrack.